Monthly Livestreamed Q&A for Students

"What's the purpose of the livestreamed Q&A:s?"

The purpose of the Q&A:s is to give our students a deep dive into chosen topics and for them to get the opportunity ask questions about the learning material to our teachers Ivan and Filip.

"Where are they hosted?"

We host the livestreams using private streams on Youtube, where only our registered students can access it. The link is always sent out over email within a couple of days before the stream is taking place.

"Where can I submit my questions for the next stream?"

We always email you with a link to a form where you can submit your questions and topic suggestions.

"How often do these stream take place?"

We do one each month and try our best to vary the dates and time for each month in order to accommodate as many people from different timezones as possible. Check your email for updates about the next monthly livestream.