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  Course structure

Below is a video where we talk in-depth about the contents and importance of each section. Please watch the video below before we continue.

This course will contain approximately 10 hours of video content and you'll also get assignments. The course is completely self paced and the time it will take for you to complete the course will depend on how much time you have to study each day.

What will you be able to do with the knowledge offered in this course? Something that I find really exciting about this course is that it can take you in so many directions. Using the knowledge you'll get here you can research companies in your town or city, see how they can utilize blockchain technology, then cold call them, present your analysis and offer your time as a consultant.

Or perhaps you want to be a central in your local community, the "go-to" person for everything crypto related. You can start spreading the knowledge you learn in this course by organizing and speaking at meetups and events. Sooner or later people in your community will associate you with blockchain and call you if they need help or advice.

Maybe you have an entrepreneurial soul and want to start a new tech business - blockchain offers a whole new business paradigms that we're going to cover. You'll also get the knowledge about how one would actually launch own token.

Of course, this knowledge is extremely valuable to anyone who is interested in investing in cryptocurrencies long term. If you want to understand where the Internet is heading, where different industries are heading or how to quickly assess an ICO - this course is for you.