Student Membership & Courses

"What is Unlimited Academy Access?"

Unlimited Academy Access is our fully fledged student membership, available in either a monthly and in a yearly plan. This membership gives you full access to all of our current and future courses and access to all the other membership benefits.

"Why can't I buy the courses individually?"

A few of our basic courses are still for sale individually, but most of our courses are not. That's because the courses build on each other and have prerequisites from other courses. For example, in order to take the Ethereum Smart Contract Security course you would need to know about Ethereum and Solidity, which is covered in the Deep Fundamentals course and the Smart Contract Programming course.

So in order to provide the best and most coherent learning experience for our students we have decided to instead bundle them together and sell everything as a membership. In that way you get access to all existing and future courses.

"When are new courses released?"

We release 1 new course at the end of every month.

"What will the next course coming to the academy be about?"

We always aim to create the courses our students want to see. So we are very interested in your suggestions for future courses. You can submit them to us at any time by emailing us at [email protected]

We announce what the next course is going to be within 2-3 weeks from the course release.

"How do I cancel my membership plan?"

You can cancel your membership plan at any time by signing into, clicking your profile picture at the top right and then clicking on manage subscriptions. You will keep your access to the Academy until the end of your current billing period.