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Courses Included with Purchase

Blockchain Deep Fundamentals
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Industrial Use Cases, ICO Analysis
3 Course Bundle
Smart Contract Programming
You learn programming from SCRATCH and then programming on Ethereum And EOS.
3 Course Bundle
Blockchain Business Masterclass
How should your organization adopt blockchain to dominate the market? Find out how big corporation use blockchain today
1 Course Bundle
Ethereum Game Programming
Learn to program games on Ethereum using Solidity and Javascript.
Ivan Liljeqvist
Algorithmic Trading and Technical Analysis
Everything about technical analysis and programming trading bots. No prior knowledge needed.
Ivan Liljeqvist
Bitcoin Programming 101
Learn how to program the world’s largest open source blockchain - Bitcoin.
Ivan Liljeqvist
Ethereum Smart Contract Security
Learn the best practices of developing Ethereum smart contracts. Famous hacks such as the DAO and Parity are explained, implemented and demonstrated.
Ivan Liljeqvist
Student Webinars & Live Q&A’s
Find information about the latest exclusive webinars and livestreamed Q&A:s for our students.
Ivan on Tech
Blockchain & Bitcoin 101
Learn the basics of how Blockchain and Bitcoin work’s.
Ivan on Tech
Lightning Network & Lightning App Programming
Learn how the lightning network works from the ground up, how it revolutionizes payments with cryptocurrencies and how to build Lightning Apps.
Filip Martinsson
Ethereum 101
Ethereum, Web 3.0, Smart Contracts and dapps explained
Ivan on Tech
Enjin Blockchain Development 101
Ivan on Tech
Unity Blockchain Game Development 101
Learning to create games with Unity Game engine from scratch. This is the fist step to creating games with a crypto integration.
Ivan Liljeqvist
Bitcoin Attacks
All Bitcoin attack vectors described and addressed.
Ivan Liljeqvist
EOS Smart Contract Programming 101
Learn the basics of the EOS Blockchain and how to build on it.
Ivan on Tech
EOS Smart Contract Programming 201
Become on EOS Expert and start building your own decentralized applications on EOS.
Ivan on Tech

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